Paula and Bryan

Couple’s Wedding Story:

I met my husband when we were both in high school in Overland Park, KS. We never dated in high school but I developed a serious crush on him through the years hanging out with mutual friends and watching his band play shows on the weekends. Bryan graduated a year before me and for a long time we didn’t talk again or have any connection because he moved back to California but sometime in my senior year I reached out to him again on MySpace and we began talking again. In 2009 I spent my graduation money on a plane ticket and trip to visit him where he lived in Newport Beach (with his 85 year-old grandma). That weekend I fell hard for this handsome, hilarious, compassionate man who was just the crush I never thought I had a chance with in HS. It was hard leaving him to head back to KC but I knew I would be back. In 2010 shortly after my 19th birthday I moved to California and we moved in to our first apartment together. After 7 years together (and plenty of waiting) Bryan surprised me with a ring while taking pictures in front of the shuttlecocks at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art while we were visiting Kansas City. It was St. Patrick’s Day, one of our favorite holidays, and three days before my 25th Birthday. I was blown away by the surprise and his thoughtfulness to ask my family and have them gathered in a surprise celebration after.

I instantly started wedding planning and looking for my dream dress. I knew I wanted something out of the ordinary but at the same time classy and timeless. I live in Southern California and there are plenty of bridal salons to choose from but I chose Nic + Day because she is the only bridal gown concierge in Orange County. Nicole, owner of Nic + Day, personally selected styles that fit my “wants” and met me and my bridal party at my Mother-in-Law’s house to try on dresses in the comfort of our own space. She set up her giant three-way mirror and pedestal so I could play “Say yes to the Dress” with my best friends in our foyer. After seeing style #2053 I knew it was perfect for me. It was the first gown I tried on and the one I kept coming back to. I loved it for the unique two-piece trend and for how timeless the silhouette was.

I married my husband September 2, 2017 in downtown Kansas City at the Berg Event Center. The venue was a former Studebaker show room and combines its vintage history with modern elements. It was the most amazing night of my life and a little bit of a blur. When my husband first saw me in my dress I knew I had nailed the exact look I was going for, the look in his eyes said it all.

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Nic + Day Bridal


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Kansas City, MO

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