Ryan and Tyler

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Tyler and Ryan met in March of 2013 when the both of them were at the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. Ryan was traveling to Los Angeles from San Francisco for a girls trip with her closest college friends. Tyler was traveling to Los Angeles from Chico celebrating his brother’s college acceptance. The two met through Robyn Landa as she was one of the Ryan’s really close friends and Tyler’s coworker.

Tyler met up with Robyn outside the Disneyland gates and she introduced her to all of their friends including Ryan. From there, both Tyler and Ryan shared their knowledge of the parks and started building a strong connection after spending 16 hours together.

After that, these two wouldn’t see each other until November of that year. The connection they made at Disneyland would not go away despite them living 3 ½ hours away. Ryan reached out to Tyler via Facebook and asked him if she could make the long trip to visit him in Chico as long he took Monday off. Making the long trip up to Chico, Ryan and Tyler had their first date and spent the three day weekend together. They spoke about what their favorite sports teams are, their hobbies, and what really makes them happy. They then discussed if they really wanted to make this commitment of doing a long distance relationship and they did.

Spending the first 2 ½ years of their relationship, they commuted back and forth trading off every weekend to see each other. Tyler’s news career took him to Fresno and due to the rough working conditions, Tyler made the decision to move to the Bay Area to move in with Ryan.

The Proposal
It was on a wet morning of October 16, 2016, Tyler decided to ask Ryan to marry him. He decided to take her to a place that was very significant in their relationship. During their long distance relationship, they traveled on the Bay Bridge to get to each other.

Thinking of the best way to propose, Tyler saw Cupid’s Arrow near the bridge in San Francisco and decided that would be the best spot. Earlier in the week, Tyler asked Ryan to go grab lunch on that Sunday near the Bay Bridge.

Taking the train up to the city from San Mateo with the ring in his pocket, Tyler was getting nervous and putting together what he was going to say. Just steps away from Cupid’s Arrow, Tyler then turned towards Ryan, got one knee, and then asked her to marry him.

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