Sabrina and William

Couple’s Wedding Story:

How We Met:
I was introduced to Will by a mutual friend at the lake during the summer. He grew up at the lake and I had been going down for a couple oy years…I had seen him around when I worked at the marina restaurant but I never introduced myself to him.

I had always seen Will over the years around the dock, while I was working at the marina restaurant, or on the water but we had never formally met. Our mutual friends, Amy and Bobby, were going out wakeboarding but neither of us knew we would each be in the boat that day. I got my stuff together, walked down to the boat where I saw Will and said, “Hello it’s nice to finally meet you, I have seen you before but I don’t think we have officially met or said hi,” I shook his hand and off we went to have some fun on the lake. From there I tried to match him up with my friend during the day, he was a great catch, a gentleman, athletic, friendly, and good looking! I was in a relationship at the time, which was on the rocks and the end was near.

After that day hanging out on the lake we became great friends and support systems for each other when we were going through changes in our lives…we both clearly wanted more but timing was off, but not for long. In the coming weeks, our bond and friendship grew and my other relationship feel apart (luckily hehe). I started having feelings for him that I hadn’t had before with anyone. Things started to progress for us and I thought, wait a minute I can’t let this guy get away! Not long after that we were in a relationship, one that I was proud of and extremely happy in!

How Did He Pop The Question?
Will asked on the lake at our favorite spot, we are both huge lake people, we even call ourselves “lake bums”.

The week of Sept 1st we moved in together. I was so excited and beyond thrilled that I was going to be able get to see my best friend every day, until then we were living an hour apart and would only see each other on the weekends. At the time, I didn’t think I could be happier, well on Sept 5th lives changed and life got even sweeter than it already was!

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend, my forever best friend and love of my life popped the question. Will has now told me his original plan for the night: he was wanting to propose on the surf board together while our song was playing and the sun was setting, unfortunately he said that didn’t work out due to coordination and wanting all our friends and family to be around.

Onto Plan B: We were already going out for a dinner cruise with about 30 of our friends and family that night for what I thought was for Bobby’s birthday cruise, and to us this is not out of the ordinary. Three houseboats were filled with our friends and family, they all ended up parking the houseboats in front of our favorite cliff and lit up the side with spot lights. I should have known looking back what was happening, but everything seemed like it always did. I did notice Will was MIA and I kept asking, “where is Will?” and everyone kept saying he is downstairs looking at wakeboard videos, again to me this seemed normal. Well I went downstairs to join everyone on the front deck to listen to conversations and enjoy the view.

I was sitting in the middle of all our friends and about to get a drink when I saw Will coming over from the other boat with his smile. Before I could open the door, he grabbed my hand and brought me back into the middle of everyone…he asked for everyone’s attention, got down on one knee, told me he has waited a year to do this, and asked me to marry him! That’s what I saw from the videos haha. It was immediate that my heart sank and tears filled both of our eyes. I looked at him shook my head and said yes through my happy sobs/tears. I grabbed him as tight as I could and didn’t let him go for a good while. After what felt like forever everyone gathered around us clapping, laughing, hugging, and crying. An amazing night of pure joy, excitement, and celebration happened back at the marina bar. I have been on cloud 9 and glowing ever since I have met Will, I look forward to our lives ahead of us and I have truly found my perfect match. My wish and hope for every girl/woman is to feel the love and joy I now have come to know, its amazing knowing you are going to enjoy the journey of life with your true love, soul mate, and best friend. I could not be happier and I am so lucky in love.

My Dress:
I wanted a simple, but timeless dress. This was the second dress I tried on at Glitz Nashville and I fell in love. When you start petting the dress when you have it on, you know it is the one! I have never felt more beautiful in my whole life than I did that day, with that dress on! Thank you for helping me feel amazing!

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