Samantha and Brandon

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Brandon and I met in the summer of 2011 working at Rattlesnake Point Golf Course; we were both on the turf crew. I had just gotten out of a relationship a few months prior, and was not looking for a relationship. But of course, the moment you stop looking for love is when you find it. Brandon had caught my eye from the beginning, with his orange-red hair and beautiful pearly white grin. We started as friends having met at work and creating friendships with other co-workers. One night in July Brandon had a group of us over at his house for a BBQ. As a few of our co-workers were playing beer pong, I decided I would hangout in the kitchen with Brandon, helping him make dinner. We spent the entire evening talking, laughing and getting to know each other…and the rest as they say, is history.

Brandon and I got engaged in July of 2017 at the cottage. It was the Sunday night of the Canada Day long weekend and we had just gotten to the cottage after having dinner with Brandon’s parents. It was late, about 10pm, the sun had set not long before and the sky was dark but at the same time was lit up with beautiful fiery glows of oranges, reds and pinks. I was unpacking the car when Brandon ran out front of the cottage to look at the waves crashing in. He ran back into the cottage telling me how beautiful the sky looked and how incredible the waves were and that I had to come out and take a look. Before coming out he ran upstairs to “grab a sweater”, and I followed him outside. Brandon brought me down to the beach, and as we stared out into the beautiful sky, out feet being consumed by the waves, Brandon got down on one knee and proposed, it was PERFECT! I immediately covered my face in complete shock! I was speechless and all I kept repeating was “Oh my god! Oh my god!”…Brandon ended up having to ask me “soooo is that a yes?!” because I never actually responded to his question!

I ended up finding my amazingly perfect dress (style #2100) at Kleinfelds at the Hudson’s Bay Eaton Center. It was not the exact dress I thought I would have ever chose but ended up being the most perfect dress, as if it was made for me. I am literally obsessed with it and so sad I won’t get the chance to wear it again LOL! It was maybe the fourth dress I tried on before saying yes. I remember coming out of the dressing room thinking how beautiful it was but wasn’t sure if it was “the one”. It wasn’t until I stood on the platform in front of the mirrors looking at myself that I all of a sudden burst in to tears saying “I want this one!”. It was the most wonderful experience! The craziest part of this whole story is that the designer of my dress is a client at the hair salon I work at!!! Elsa was so helpful in answering any of the questions I had about the dress and making sure I was at ease throughout the entire planning process. I honestly could not have been happier with my dress and still wish to this day I had another opportunity to wear it!!

Our wedding day was the most beautiful, perfect day of my life. Not a thing went wrong, every aspect was absolutely perfect, down to the very last detail. I wish we could re-live it a million times over.

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