Sara and Chris

Couple’s Wedding Story:

In 1997 Elton John released his re-write of Candle in The Wind. On Christmas Day that year Chris Bradley and I both got that as our first CD. Miles apart, having no idea that the other existed, he put his in a Walkman in Kansas and I put mine in a boom-box in Arkansas…

I moved to KS eventually. Chris and I went to junior high and high school together but we never really knew each other. Years later we reconnected. I was just starting my journey with country music and I needed a bass player so I hired Chris, but we were just friends. One morning during a really early radio interview (which Chris was apparently listening to) I was asked about my first CD. He told me about a year later, he got the same CD on the same day…

I wanted to get him something unique for a wedding gift. So my mom and I got online, and found that Elton John CD. 21 years old. Unopened. We had our first dance to “Something About The Way You Look Tonight” and instead of leaving early, we chose to be the last ones out of the club that night.

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