Thalía and Giancarlo

Couple’s Wedding Story:

About The Dress:
On an unexpected trip to New York I made an appointment for Kleinfeld Bridal, it is the largest wedding dress store, I knew I would find mine there. I fell in love with the dress since I saw it, it was exactly what I had in mind to wear, nothing too heavy that would overshadow me. Despite being a siren dress this one let me dance and jump for 12 hours straight!

About Us:
Gian and I have known each other for a lifetime. We are from the same city, our moms have played volleyball in high school and we went to the same beach to spend the summers. It was after 20 years that we started dating and after 5 years of love… we got married. It was a country ceremony with more than 500 guests, all friends and family that have been part of our life. In Peru weddings are usually very big and the party gets intense. Our wedding was just an excuse to gather all our guests and celebrate our love.

The photos speak for themselves, it was a special day, full of emotions and happiness!

Thanks Mikaella for making the perfect dress for me. I used it until the last song of my wedding and now it is a memory that I keep inside my heart.

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Piura, Perú

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