Victoria and Kyle

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Kyle and I met in college in a chemistry class. We quickly became inseparable and for our 4th anniversary, we adopted a corgi puppy that we named Sherlock. It became obvious that our little family was complete.

Last year during the Thanksgiving season, Kyle’s dad became ill and had to be hospitalized. On top of that, Kyle’s parents had sold their house in Portland and planned on moving to Hawaii a couple weeks after. During this hard time, we decided as a family to come together and celebrate xmas early. On Thanksgiving day we went to the hospital and Kyle proposed in front the whole family. He gave me his late Grandmother’s ring, a ring that is at least 60 years old!

We quickly started planning our wedding as we wanted a June wedding. While browsing The Knot for dresses, I came upon the Mikaella 2090 and fell in love. I, therefore, went to the only bridal boutique in Oregon that carried Mikaella and bought my wedding dress one week after getting engaged! The wedding planning process came very naturally to us as we only really cared about 3 things: the food, the booze and the people around us. We picked Urban Studio and Pearl Catering as our venue since they have the best food and everything else fell into place.

The ceremony was held at Cathedral Park, below a gothic style bridge in Portland, OR. Being a public park we had to stand in line at the beginning of the year to get our date. It was the 2nd of January, it was 20 degrees… and 6 in the morning… Luckily we got the venue and date we wanted! The wedding was absolutely perfect and I think I was the only person completely relaxed! To me it didn’t matter if it rained or if we were late etc, nothing could ruin this day as long as we were all together!

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