Amanda and Mathew

Couple’s Wedding Story:

We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and immediately bonded over our love for food – specifically pizza and McDonald’s. While dating we learned quickly that our lives always ran so close along side each other that we were destined to cross paths.

Even though our wedding happened mid pandemic, was less than a third of the original size with so many details changed, it was beyond perfect because we knew we were most excited to be husband and wife rather than bride and groom. It made our wedding that much more special.

As soon as I put the dress on I knew it was for me and the entire staff at Ferre Sposa made the whole process enjoyable. Even the delays in fittings due to stay at home orders. Other than marrying the man of my dreams, my dress was my favourite part of the day! My dress perfectly matched my personality and even 6 months later I am getting compliments on the beautiful design.

Makeup: Makeup Artist Stefania
Portraits: Aga Khan Museum

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