Anna and Barry

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Barry met my cousin through a church event. My cousin showed him a picture of me and asked if he waned to be set up. He said yes, but months went by and the set up never happened! I never knew that a set was in the works! Barry took it into his own hands and sent me a message on Instagram. Normally, I would have ignored it but since he named dropped my cousin, I agreed to meet him. The first week of meeting, we met up four times and never looked back!

Barry proposed one year later where we had out first date. Downtown Geneva in front of Grahams Chocolate.

I went dress shopping right away! Style 4859 was the first dress I tried on. It was an easy decision. After I searched on the Paloma Blanca site, I noticed Style 4913 and had to have it!!! I always wanted a reception outfit and it was perfect.

Our bridal party was our 11 nieces and nephews.

Make up: Ali from Salon Trio

Style Number:

Style 4859 and Style 4913

Bridal Boutique:

Veiled In Elegance, Geneva, IL


Wedding Location:


Wedding Date:



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