Ashley and Brent

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Some say couples fall in love at first sight. Well, Ashley and Brent fell in love at first swipe.

Yes, they met on tinder.

They first started talking when Ashley was in Alaska and Brent was in Montana. The texting and calling would not stop.

Once back in California they got the chance to meet – and no, it wasn’t a first date.

Actually, they met on the softball field in Newbury Park.

Ash was in a co-ed league on her family team. Brent was playing on an all-men’s team in a game on a field adjacent to hers.

Brent finished and went over to watch Ashley play. He called out “Let’s go lemo!” to a pretty blonde girl playing right field.

Ash was caught off guard by the surprise and just started waving and talking to Brent. suddenly a ball was hit to her, but instead of paying attention to the game, Ash continued flirting and interacting with the guy she has been talking to all along.

Everyone started screaming, “Ash, Ash, get the ball!” and suddenly she realized she had a game to get back to.

The following week is when Ash and Brent started hanging out.

Their first date was at a brewery called Tarantula Hill. The date went on for 6 hours. The company and the ambiance couldn’t have made for a better night. Tt was perfect.

The next day they went to the driving range. Ashley out drove Brent on several swings. After that, they finished up the day with an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.

The day after that, they hiked a trail in Santa Barbara, went to the beach, and grabbed the best tasting ramen on State Street. They noticed they loved and enjoyed the same things!

Then it got serious when Brent asked Ashley to move in early March 2020.

Yep, right when covid hit.

Let’s just say Brent didn’t have any furniture, or decorations before Ash moved in. Not long after, they were living in a furnished and decorated house, and they each got a best friend to do everything with.

Moving in together brought them closer together. And guess what? They found that cooking, decorating, and working together was turning the house into a home.

Over the past two years, Brent and Ash have met each other’s family and each other’s best friends.

Their time together has been amazing, adventurous, and fun. Looking back… everything was perfect.

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