Elizabeth and Gil

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Gil and I met at our favorite place in the world, an NC State tailgate. We were a part of the same friend group, but had never met each other under after graduation. I was our female mascot, Ms. Wuf, in college, so I wasn’t able to participate in tailgates as much until we graduated. Our first date was the NC State Fair and first kiss was under the fireworks. We dated for 3 years and in November of 2019, Gil got down on one knee while we were tailgating with our large group of friends. Our wedding planning journey was one filled with stress and change, thanks to COVID-19. However, despite all of the changes and the many friends and family we were unable to share the day with, we still had the best day of our lives and we could not be more thankful. We kept our focus on our marriage, rather than the wedding itself, which helped us to remain grounded in what really matters.

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4889 top

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Macclesfield, NC

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