Jacquelyn and Blake

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Blake and I met almost eight years ago through my brother. He and my brother played college baseball together, and the moment we met, we had an instant connection. We are complete opposites in most ways; I am very extroverted and he is very much so an introvert, he is more creative and I am more a rule follower. However, we share a love for all things music, technology, our sweet dog Olivia Louise, and each other. We have moved to multiple different states together, and have endured some of life’s hardest and most beautiful moments together. Blake has been by my side throughout the seven years of my father battling stage four cancer, and provides the kind of support that I never thought I would find in someone else. We have built a beautiful life together, and have waited for so long to finally call each other husband and wife. Cheers to the Beamers!

P.S. I wish I could wear my wedding dress every single day. I felt so beautiful and confident in it!

Makeup: Morgan Malone

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Bridal Boutique:

Serendipity Bridal (Austin, TX)


Wedding Location:

Louisville, Kentucky

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Merci Bouquet

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