Lindsey and Will

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Will and Lindsey’s story began in college in 2010. As a freshman and new on campus resident, Lindsey’s dorm room was located down the hall from a crew of freshman baseball recruits. In befriending her new neighbors in hallway passings, Lindsey met the rest of the team which included Will, a junior outfielder. Over their two years at school together Lindsey and Will became good friends and although it is still a disagreement to this day, Will seems to be the only one who did not notice Lindsey’s very clear crush on him as Will approached graduation.

In 2012, Will graduated followed by Lindsey in 2014. The two stayed friendly over the years but led separate lives and saw each other at different larger friend events. Friends would “encourage” the two at every event but the stars didn’t truly align until one very hot summer day in 2019. Lindsey was “down the shore” scrolling through Instagram and came across Will’s story of him hiking in 103 degree weather (no surprise for those that know him well). After a few drinks on the beach, Lindsey felt compelled to DM Will saying “Stay hydrated!” (no surprise for those that know her well!). That DM led to a response from Will asking to catch up with drinks soon and the rest is history!

In 2021, Will & Lindsey purchased their first home together, adopted a rescue husky mix named Leo and to close out the year, got engaged at their favorite park to walk Leo with Lindsey believing she planned holiday photos. 2022 was a year of planning the black and white winter wedding of their dreams. Lindsey found her dress at Kleinfelds and they worked seamlessly with the Paloma Blanca Team on creating this dress with sleeves for the very first time to meet the winter season. The dress turned out amazing with the custom sleeves and fit the theme of the wedding so well. The compliments have not stopped. It was a perfect day and grateful to share the day with the PB team. This dress holds memories I will never forget.

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4961 with Custom Sleeves

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