Mackenzie and Jordan

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Jordan and I have been together since 2011 and it couldn’t help but feel ironic that we decided to tie the knot in the year of a pandemic! Well, like many couples who had a wedding date planned in 2020, we experienced every emotion under the sun in regards to our special day and more times than once it felt like we weren’t meant to be married this year. After changing our initial plans (downsizing from a big event to an intimate one as well as changing venues), we found out just 8 days before our wedding that the government put a moratorium on all wedding receptions for 28 days in Toronto. We had to cancel our already intimate celebration but took solace in knowing that these new guidelines had been put in place to ensure the health and safety of our guests.

After much deliberation and the help of our wonderful venue Berkeley Events, we were able to change our venue for a third time and have an even more intimate ceremony with our wedding party and immediate families, who all socially isolated 2 weeks before the event I should add ;). The day itself was perfect, fall is our favourite time of year and when picturing our wedding day- this was the one we pictured. The warm sun was shining, a blue bird sky full of crisp air, the smell of crunching leaves and mulled wine. We walked down the aisle to fiddle music, said our lifelong vows, toasted champagne and our faces hurt from smiling. We then walked through the leaves and took photos at Edwards Gardens while enjoying quiet moments together. We continued on to have a family dinner at our home, catered by Enoteca Social, one of our favourite local restaurants, drank delicious wine, ate cake, listened to jazz and danced.

What initially seemed like our ‘last resort’ ended up being a more beautiful day than we could have ever imagined and now impossible to picture any other way. As it turns out it wasn’t about the party, the food, the venue or the date. It was about us and becoming an us for forever on that Saturday in the fall was about as perfect as it gets.

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Berkeley Field House, Toronto Ontario

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