Sarah and Victoria

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Cortland, NY 2010. We were freshman in college attending our very first college dorm party. Through mutual friends we happened to end up at the same one just hours after moving in. When we were introduced, Sarah insisted that we knew each other from somewhere and of course asked “What sports do you play?” After a couple questions back and forth it seemed we didn’t actually know each other, just one of those “you must just look familiar” situations. And the rest is history…

JK, but really. We instantly became best friends. There had always been a “different” sort attraction with our friendship that our friends would subtly point out here and there. (Side note: Sarah really did have a secret crush.) Little did they know, those jokes weren’t going to be jokes for long! Fast forward 3 years, we are Seniors in college living in the same house with all of our best friends. At the beginning of the year it seemed love did not want to waste any more time. One random night, the stars aligned and we were the last ones standing after everyone had gone to bed. This was not unusual but the feeling was. We decided to have a sleepover and stay up all night talking, telling stories, and looking for ghosts (weird).

Sarah woke up the next morning immediately thinking that was not a normal hang sesh. She told some of our friends who were surprisingly not so shocked (hmm.). From that night on, there was an attraction there that neither of us could deny. We were absolutely blindsided with the fact that we really did just fall in love after all of those years? That can’t eat, can’t sleep, shoot for the moon, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love.

From that night on, we could not see our lives without each other. Living together (for real), getting married, buying a home, raising a family, all of that ‘American Dream’ kind of stuff. Being two women, the discussion of engagement came up regularly in the beginning. It was never spoken that Sarah must propose first but she had always made it known she wanted to be the first to propose. Knowing that, Victoria always had it set in her mind that whenever Sarah did decide to propose, she would have Sarah’s ring ready to propose right back.

On June 10th, 2017, Sarah made dinner reservations for Tavern on the Green in Central Park. This was the first date night that Victoria carried the ring with her JUST IN CASE Sarah was proposing that night. After being seated, enjoying wine, appetizers, and our meals, Victoria did not think they would be getting engaged that night. Until… the dessert menu came. Victoria looked for creme brûlée (their favorite dessert) as Sarah was telling her to flip the menu over because there was OBVIOUSLY something better on the other side. When she did, the back read, “Will you marry me?” In that moment, Sarah got on one knee and asked Victoria to marry her and after placing the ring on her finger, Victoria turned around, went in her purse and got on one knee telling Sarah, “only if you marry me.”

June 21st, 2019, Sarah and I got married! There aren’t strong enough words to express the feelings felt on this day. The day started off with pouring rain as we woke up in separate suites with our closest friends. The two of us, along with all of our 18 bridesmaids got ready that day looking outside to dark skies and wet grounds. As the morning went on, the rain slowed down and skies started to clear. We left the hotel to go to the venue and the sun was coming out. We were all in disbelief. After getting dressed, it was time for our first look! The sun was shining and skies blue. As I waited behind that tree to look at Sarah as my bride for the first time, I felt pure excitement. Being in her arms and promising her forever was the absolute best decision I ever could have made and I will cherish our love forever. Our entire wedding day felt like magic. The laughs, happy tears, scream singing, and the dancing were like something out of a movie. We both had only a few drinks throughout the night and it had felt as though we were drinking all day long. We were literally drunk in love!

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