Virginia and Jakob

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Jakob and I met October 2018 in London, England while I was studying abroad with my university. Jakob is from Austria but he was living and working in London. We began dating and when my program finished we continued a long distance relationship. When the pandemic began in 2020 I would travel to the UK whenever I was able to because Jakob was not allowed to enter the US due to Covid restrictions. In October 2020, during one of my visits, Jakob planned a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for us (Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities). It was there that Jakob proposed on the top of Arthur’s Seat.

You’ll see in the pictures that Jakob is wearing a custom suit from Zebel Bespoke Tailoring in London. He wanted to pay homage to his home country, so he had a suit made in traditional Austrian fashion (the top part at least, we decided no lederhosen bottoms :)).

I found my dress on my first visit to a bridal shop! My mother, grandmother, and one of my bridesmaids joined me in Tampa at The White Magnolia. The entire day was incredibly relaxing and fun. I feel as though there is a perception from so many shows that finding your dress needs to be some big, dramatic moment. When I put on my dress, I knew it was the one because it immediately felt right. I felt beautiful and comfortable. There was no dramatic moment filled with tears, I simply knew, along with my family and bridesmaid, that this dress was the one for me! Looking at our wedding pictures now, I am still beyond happy with my choice. The dress moved so beautifully. I had originally purchased a dress to change into following the ceremony… but that never happened because I ended up loving my wedding dress too much and decided not to change! At the boutique I had the option to add buttons to the dress and I think that they were the perfect addition.

We decided that we wanted to have our wedding in the US. However, most of our engagement took place while Covid travel restrictions were still in place, so Jakob was unable to tour wedding venues with me! Growing up in Florida, surrounded by beaches, I knew that I wanted to have a wedding in the mountains. That’s how we ended up looking at venues in North Carolina. Our visit to Old Edwards was last minute. The venue that I thought I was going to love, ended up lacking what I was looking for so we contacted Old Edwards and asked if we could drop by for a tour while we were in the area. As soon as they showed me the Farm, I knew that this was the place where we should get married. Thankfully, Jakob trusted me and was fully on board 🙂

On May 22, 2022 we celebrated our special day surrounded by friends and family. It was scheduled to rain for most of the day… but someone must have been watching out for us because the rain held off until we completely finished our photos outside. The second Jakob and I made it inside it began to pour! We couldn’t believe our luck. I’ve always heard that rain on your wedding day is lucky and then I learned that Austrian tradition says that rain on your wedding day means lots of children… I think that I am going to stick with believing that it means good luck 🙂 We would not change a single thing about our day.

Some details to note-
My something old was the cameo, it belonged to my great great grandmother.
My something new was my bouquet wrap. It was handmade by a family friend. She made it using scraps from my dress, my great grandmother’s handkerchiefs, and some fabric from my bridesmaid dresses.
My something borrowed was the necklace that I am wearing, lent to me by Jakob’s mother.
My something blue were my shoes.

My gloves say “Love’s like a butterfly a rare and gentle thing”, these are the words from one of my favourite songs by Dolly Parton.
We had a custom crest designed by Alicia @thewelcomingdistrict and we used it on details such as our programs, napkins, etc. I ran out of space to upload more pictures… but it was beautiful!

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