Rebecca and Billy

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When Rebecca first moved to Long Island her friend from high school, Maureen, tried to set her up with a friend from college. According to Maureen, her friend Billy would be PERFECT for Rebecca- same sense of humor, dog lover, and only 11 minutes away as per Google Maps! Rebecca and Maureen did some quality Facebook stalking only to find out Billy had a new girlfriend. So that was the end of that.

Fast forward a few years later and a guy named Billy “liked” Rebecca on OkCupid. They started chatting and immediately clicked. It took a couple of weeks for them realize that Maureen was a mutual friend who had tried to set them up years ago! Their first date was 8 hours long, so apparently she knew what she was talking about.

When Billy and Rebecca first met, Rebecca told him she wanted to visit Orient Point State Park and swing on the beach swings. In all their adventures they had never gotten around to it. So when Rebecca had a random day off during the week in June 2017, she suggested they take a drive out east to check it out. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, Billy had already purchased the engagement ring. Billy took advantage of this and hatched a proposal plan. Because it was Rebecca’s idea to go out east she had no idea the proposal would be that day.

They stopped at Lavender by the Bay first to walk around, tease the chickens, and see the (kind of) blooming lavender. Billy started acting a little strange, but when he told Rebecca he was just hungry she STILL didn’t suspect anything was coming.

When they finally made it to the beach, Billy made a beeline for the beach swings. No sooner had his butt grazed the bench, did he get down on one knee, say the sweetest words and proposed!