Wedding Date:
Sat, 06/06/2015

Wedding Location:
Lagos, Nigeria

Couple’s Wedding Story:
In 2014, I came to Nigeria to visit Niyi as I had been doing since I went back to the US in 2012. Anytime he would come to the US or I would go to Nigeria, we would go out on a nice date on our last day together and this day was no different to me. Except for the fact that Niyi was planning to propose. We went out to a nice restaurant in Abuja, but it was really late on a Sunday night and there was really no one else there except for the staff and us. It also turned out that the nicest thing about the restaurant was the d??cor because the food sucked. I was already over the bad food and was ready to go when Niyi asked me to order dessert. Being me, I couldn’t say no to that! So I ordered the only interesting thing they had on the dessert menu, which was ice cream. Then Niyi got up to go charge his phone, which was weird to me because we had light before we came out to eat and he never thought to charge his phone? Aight, bruh! Anyways he came back and I noticed he was sweating extra hard but I again didn’t think anything of it. Then the ice-cream came and I was thinking, why is there a lid on ice-cream? I opened it up to find a beautiful ring sitting on top. My jaw dropped and I was like, What!? Then Niyi got on his knees and all I remember were words like, ?Çÿyou make me feel so comfortable’ or something and I just kept saying what! I was honestly confused. LOL. Niyi actually had to ask me after like a min or so if I was going to say yes cus I kept saying, ?Çÿhuh, what.’ I neva experredit! Anyways I said yes! Of course and the restaurant staff, and the owner came out saying congratulations. I couldn’t even eat the dang icecream! It was a beautiful night.