Can I Customize My Wedding Dress?

Yes! The Mikaella team gets this question, or variations of this, dozens of times a day. We are delighted to say that since Mikaella gowns are produced at our Toronto, Canada head office, we have full control during our production process. Our gowns are not mass produced to sit in a warehouse until an order comes in; every gown is made specially for the bride who ordered it. This means that we can make a variety of changes to our gowns to accommodate your needs!

Can I Customize My Wedding Dress - Factory Image

We have put together a list of our most requested customizations, but please speak with your Authorized Retailer if the change you had in mind is not listed below. Our team is always happy to work with your boutique to try and accommodate your request!

Line Front or Entire Bodice
A number of our wedding dresses feature sheer bodices. If you are looking for a more modest look, or sheer lace was not part of your wedding day vision, we can line the front bodice only, or we can line the front and the back of the bodice.

Fill Plunging Neckline
Plunging necklines are so in right now, however, we understand that they are not everyone’s cup of tea! That’s why every single one of our plunging necklines can be filled for a more traditional look.

Change Sleeve Type
Billowing sleeves made their debut in our recent 2021 Collection, but if you would prefer a different long sleeve style, this is not a problem! We can make the switch to your preferred style.

Can I Customize My Wedding Dress - Sleeve Change
Left to Right: Long sleeves on Style 2235, Billowing Sleeves on Style 2325

Adding Buttons
Buttons are a small detail that can elevate the look of any wedding dress by adding the perfect amount of glamour. Several of our wedding dresses have been designed with buttons, but if you want them added to your dress, speak with your consultant! We can add buttons to sleeves, down the back of a bodice, or even all the way down the train to the hem. We offer a variety of fabric covered buttons to match our gowns, and even Swarovski buttons for brides that want a bit more sparkle, however we do not offer lace covered buttons. If you would like buttons added to a lace gown, our experienced production department will use fabric covered buttons that will best match your dress.

Can I Customize My Wedding Dress - Buttons
Left to right: Swarovski buttons on Style 2053, Crêpe buttons on Style 2328, Crêpe buttons on Style 2283

Close Skirt Slits
Skirt slits are a dramatic design element that can be found in many of our collections, however, if this style isn’t for you, these gowns can also be ordered without a slit. No, we do not simply stitch the slit up at the final stage of production, we change the pattern before the gown is even cut so that there will not be a seam where the slit used to be!

Can I Customize My Wedding Dress - Skirt Slit
Style 2107 With Skirt Slit
Can I Customize My Wedding Dress - Skirt Slit
Style 2107 Without Skirt Slit

To order a gown with a customization, simply speak with your Authorized Retailer about the change you are looking for. If it is a standard change, like one listed above, your retailer will quickly be able to confirm the cost with you. If your change is not listed above, your retailer will speak with our customer service team to work out a solution, and determine a cost.

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Customizing a gown may sound like a luxury, but it does not carry a luxurious cost! We have always taken pride in our attractive price point, and although all customizations require a fee; our goal is to make our customizations an affordable option for all our brides.

Producing our gowns in Toronto also means that we can accommodate plus size orders. Did you know that our gowns can be ordered up to a size 22 without any additional costs? Measurements above a size 22 can also be accommodated! Please speak with your Authorized Retailer so they can further discuss measurements with our team.

Can I Customize My Wedding Dress - Factory Image

One more major benefit to producing Mikaella dresses at our head office is that if you are under a time crunch, we can rush your gown through production. Let your retailer know what time frame you are working with, and they will work with our team to determine what fees are involved and how quickly your dress can be produced.

Our team here at Mikaella is dedicated to producing a wedding dress you are head over heels in love with! We are thrilled we can provide these options for our brides, and we love seeing our brides in their custom Mikaella gowns! Did you order a customized Mikaella gown for your wedding? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and send us your wedding story so we can share your photos with past and future Paloma Blanca brides-to-be!

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