Wedding Dress Designer… How I Chose One

How I Found My Wedding Dress Designer

I got engaged last month. When I decided it was time to start searching for my wedding gown, I didn’t know where to begin. I got together with my best friend Natalie and tried to “make a plan”. I was not a girl who dreamed of my wedding as a child, and didn’t really have a picture of what I would look like when I walked down the aisle. I’m petite, and my wedding plan is to have a small group of friends fly down to Jamaica for a weekend, and have a sunset wedding on the beach with my soul mate Mark. Should I focus on a particular style, or fabric, or shape? After looking on Instagram for hours and getting more confused by the minute, I decided on a different approach. I would choose my wedding dress designer first, and then pick my gown from their collection.

I’ve been in 6 weddings in the past 4 years, so I’ve been in all 3 of the local bridal stores where I’ve purchased the bridesmaid dresses.  My favorite of the 3 stores was called Angela’s Bridal, as I always felt comfortable there; the store is beautiful, and it seemed to be run very professionally.  So I called the store and made an appointment for the first available Saturday in January – and decided to bring only Natalie and my Mom with me. I will have 5 bridesmaids in my bridal party, but my bridal consultant Annie recommended that I keep my entourage small, as in her experience it would make the appointment run more smoothly.  Annie was very nice and explained that the store carried 4 main collections. Not really knowing what I wanted, Annie and I pulled about 8 dresses that caught my eye (without knowing the designer), and I began trying them on. They were all beautiful, but what hit me after trying on all 8 dresses was that I felt “different” in 2 of them. I loved how these 2 made me feel; the fabric seemed so light and airy, and they fit me so much better than the other ones had. I just knew I had found “my” wedding dress designer. Annie told me that she understood EXACTLY what I was feeling; and that the collection was called Paloma Blanca. I tried on a few more Paloma Blanca styles, but the appointment just ran out of time and I couldn’t make up a decision. I knew I wanted a Paloma Blanca, but I just wasn’t sure which one.

Annie was so nice and so “not pushy”, and we made a plan. I would go onto Paloma Blanca’s website and see if I could find some things I loved. She said Angela’s carries almost the whole collection, but if I ended up loving a gown that she didn’t have the sample of… she might be able to borrow the sample from the designer so that I could try it on in the salon.

Natalie and I decided to meet up the following Saturday at Starbucks. I would bring my laptop and we would browse the Paloma Blanca Website sipping a couple of Latte Macchiatos… and hopefully find “my” dress. After looking through the whole collection (including the past seasons), I found 2 dresses that I absolutely loved! I called Annie and she said they were both from the Spring 2016 Collection. One of them had just come in this week, and the other one they had as well – I just “missed” it during my first visit. I have an appointment next weekend and fully expect to try these 2 dresses on – and know immediately that I have found my dress.

Paloma Blanca - Wedding Dress Designer - Style 4660
Paloma Blanca Style 4660

Paloma Blanca - Wedding Dress Designer - Style 4669
Paloma Blanca Style 4669

I have included photos of the 2 dresses I’ve narrowed it down to, and I am so excited about my appointment next weekend.  I wanted you to know how much I love the Paloma Blanca line, and how nice Angela’s Bridal has been to me…and how professionally they present your collection.  Especially Annie!

I promise to send you a wedding picture from the beach in Jamaica, and I fully expect to be wearing one of these 2 gowns.  I am so glad I went to Angela’s Bridal – and found the perfect wedding dress designer for me – Paloma Blanca.


Antoinette Rinaldi

Thanks so much Antoinette for your beautiful letter.  We wish you all the best and can’t wait to see pictures to find out your decision.  For anyone reading this blog, you can also find designs from our sister company Mikaella Bridal at

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