Highland Park, IL


Mira Couture

Allori Photography

How We Met:
Max and I met in a bar when we both took off work to watch the Cubs play the Red Socks in Wrigleyville with our friends. Once Max saw me, he finished his drink, then he made a bee-line over to buy me a drink. He asked me for my number and only waited a few hours to call and ask me on a formal date. I like to tell my friends, it wasn’t that I wasn’t happy before I met Max, it’s just that I never knew how much happier I could be now that I am with him.

Finding My Dress:
I had no idea what I wanted my wedding dress to look like until I put on style 4614!! I’m not much of a shopper but my sister LOVES to shop, so I was lucky to have her with me to help! She snuck into the back room of Mira to look through their options and found this one. She knew it had my Jackie-O style, and threw it in my dressing room and said: “Try this one on NOW! You’re going to love it.” The second I put it on, I knew it was the one.

Wedding Day:
Our wedding day was nothing short of magical. It started off with rain, which I hear is good luck right? The ceremony was intimate and light-hearted. Max couldn’t get through his vows without crying so our Rabbi had to step in and finish them for him. Once the ceremony was done, we wanted the wedding to be as much dancing as possible. The band was rocking the entire night! We loved having all our of nearest and dearest there with us to celebrate.