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Joel and I met in high school. We met in classroom 114 in history class. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. We instantly hit it off and we were very into each other, however I knew he was going away to college and I knew it wouldn’t work out. We decided that we wouldn’t date but we would continue to keep in touch and if it was meant to be it would work out.

We went through 4 years of college and I dated a few guys along the way. Joel always messaged me or texted me and asked how I was doing and if I was okay at school. He always kept tabs on me to make sure that I was acclimating well with being away at school. During Christmas break of my senior year, we went to a bar and had a drink to see if we still had it. He kissed me in the driveway afterwards and asked me to be his girlfriend and the “rest is history” as we like to say.

We dated for a few years and fast forward to July 15th, 2017 and Joel took me to our favorite restaurant where he got down on one knee and asked me to be Emily Elizabeth Press. When we left the restaurant we went to go share the news with my parents and we walked into my parents backyard and Joel had set up a huge engagement party filled with family and friends. I was STUNNED!

After the party came the wedding planning. I am a teacher so I was balancing teaching a new grade and planning a wedding. We were stressed but we made it. July 28th,2018 was an amazing day. I was absolutely on cloud 9 the entire day. Everyone always said to us “plan for one thing to go wrong that day, but don’t let it get to you”. NOTHING went wrong the entire day. It was truly a day that I will never forget and I am so happy that I am officially a wife to Joel and officially Emily Elizabeth Press.

Video: Bella Reel
Church: Divine Child Parish
Cake: Iversen’s Bakery
Transportation: Tecumseh Trolley