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Once upon a time in a little town called Lindstom, a romance began. It was 2004 when Dan and Jessa were in high school together and began to talk to one another. Their first date was to the pizzeria in Osceola, WI and then stargazing at the overlook in St. Croix (before there was a large deck there). Dan was graduating that spring so they decided not to pursue anything further. They kept in contact and Jessa made a couple trips up to Duluth to visit him in college. As both of their lives got busy after high school they lost touch but would always see each other around Lindstrom in the summers. In 2011 they saw each other at the fire barn during Karl Oscar Days, they started talking and a true friendship developed with a little spark (I think it was Dan’s blue eyes). We dated for a few months before becoming an official couple on Valentines Day 2012.

As our lives progressed and our love for one another grew we decided to rent a house in Lino Lakes with some friends and moved in together the winter of 2013. I think it was then that my love for Dan grew even deeper than I could have ever imagined. Things were going great, but we wanted to live closer to Minneapolis and not have roommates. We decided to find an apartment together and in August of 2013 we moved to Roseville, where we are currently residing. Throughout late 2013 to early 2014, we were talking about our future together, what it will hold for us both and where we want to be. We both had the desire to get married. That then lead to us going ring shopping and talking about future goals.

On September 18th, 2014 (essentially 10 years since our first date!) we had some errands to do with Dan’s Dad in Lindstrom and spontaneously decided to make a date night out of it and go to the pizzeria in Osceola for dinner. It was a wonderfully nice night for September and after dinner Dan mentioned that “Wouldn’t it be fun if we went stargazing, like we did on our first date.” I was all for it and thinking that it was very sweet of him to remember that we had done that so many years ago! When we reached the overlook it was beautiful, I didn’t realize how much I take for granted not being able to see the stars so well in Roseville. We laid there for a while looking at the constellations and talking. It was so nice, then it was starting to get chilly since the sun was gone for a while now and we decided to head home. We got back home and went about our night as normal. In the back of my mind I thought something was a little odd because he was acting a little strange, nervous almost… but, I just shrugged it off.
The next morning on the 19th of September (his birthday) while we were having coffee and talking about what we were going to do that day for his birthday, Dan said he had something to show me and went into the bedroom (I followed) he grabbed his pair jeans he was wearing the night before and said, “I can’t wait anymore to ask you to be my wife,” he then pulled a ring from his pocket, knelt on one knee, took my hand and asked me to marry him!!! Of course I said YES!!!

Since then we have been planning our wedding together that has had it’s stressful moments but at the same time has been so much fun! We are immensely looking forward to celebrating with all of our friends & family. Dan and I are truly thankful for all of your love and support!

Beanee (manager) at Our Shop in Stillwater, Minnesota was AMAZING! She really took time to get to know me during my bridal appointment and truly cared. She really went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of and made sure I was at ease with my bridal gown and veil. I cannot speak their praises high enough! GREAT JOB and the most sincerest thank you from the bottom of my heart!