Walt Disney World


Jacob Robertson – Disney Fine Art Photography

How We Met:
What can we say, it all started with a Mouse! Mike and I were both cast members at the Magic Kingdom. I was a PI doing project support (one of our larger projects was the Fantasyland expansion) and Mike was a Guest Experience Manager for Tomorrowland. Before the park opened I would need to do a clean sweep to ensure construction crews were out, paint was dry, and essentially make sure the projects were clear. When Mike opened, I would always see him on my walks around the park. We would say our passing “Hello’s”, but (finally) one day while I was standing near Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers Spin, Mike came up to me to (for lack of better words) “ask me out.” The rest was history.

Our Relationship:
Getting to where we are now was not easy. A few months after we started dating, my Professional Internship came to an end and was very fortunate to have accepted a new role at The Weather Channel in Atlanta. We spent more than five years booking bus rides, flights, or driving overnight just to get to one another. We attempted to see each other at least once a month, in person; otherwise, we pretty much lived on Skype. After years of trying to find a job in the other person’s city, the cards finally aligned in October of 2016 and Mike moved up to Atlanta.

Our Engagement:
Long story short (well as short as I can cut it down in an email), we were in Orlando because I bought Mike tickets to WrestleMania for Christmas (ONLY because it was in Orlando). The plan was for Mike to take a friend but I ended up going because all of Mike’s friends were working. After a night full of seven hours of WWE it was decided that I got to pick what we do the next day, which we all know is going to the Disney Parks. Once we got to the park, Mike had suggested we meet up with his old boss to say, “Hello”. I agreed as she had been very supportive of allowing Mike time off to come visit when we were long distance. We headed to Tomorrowland where she was going to join us after her meeting. While we were there, we bumped into a few of Mike’s other old co-workers and friends and eventually had a small reunion right outside of the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. By some miracle, they had all convinced Mike to get on the attraction. At the part of the show where the “mind reading” monster interacts with the crowd, I saw my face on a giant screen and that the monster was going to “read my mind”. The monster sensed I had a question, and was giving me an opportunity to ask it. The monster then realized that it was actually the “guy next to me” who had a question. The Cast Member handed the mic to Mike and he got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife. After the show, everyone we had “bumped into” before hand came running out with custom bride and groom Mickey/Minnie ears. It was all a set up- but it doesn’t stop here.

Mike admitted that our “planned” dinner with friends was fake, and we actually were having a celebration dinner for the two of us at my favorite restaurant- California Grill. We checked in on the lobby level and headed straight to the top where Mike recommended we grab a drink at the bar. When we got to the bar, I realized that my Mom and Dad were there waiting to celebrate. As they ordered the first round of drinks, we looked up and saw that Mike’s Mom and Dad had arrived. I then FaceTimed with my sister (who lives in LA) so she could be part of the celebration, and that is when Madison (my sister) came walking around the corner to give me a hug. It was perfect.

Finding My Dress:
I found this dress the very first time I tried on dresses. I went to a small local boutique in Atlanta and only tried on 6 or 7 dresses in total. When I put this dress on everyone just stopped. That is when I knew I found the perfect gown. Unfortunately, after purchasing the dress there was a bit of drama with the store going out of business and me finding out via the local news. Luckily the amazing team at Paloma Blanca  ensured I actually received the dream dress I put on months before.

Why We Had a Disney Wedding:
To be totally honest, when I was a little girl, I saw a bride when I was visiting Disney World with my family. It was always something I had considered and wanted. That said, I never realized how important Disney would become in my life. Considering we met there, fell in love there, worked there, etc…. we thought we would bring it all back home. We couldn’t imagine beginning our forever anywhere else.

Floral: Disney Fairytale Weddings
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Hair and Makeup: LeJeune Artistry