Savannah, GA


Kleinfeld Bridal

Keli Brown

How We Met: We met in 2012 during our first semester of graduate school at George Washington University. Kelsey had just moved to DC, while PJ had been living in the city for a few years. In a required class, Intro to Public Administration, Kelsey and PJ were paired up to work together on a semester long group project. Kelsey initially won PJ over with her writing talents and the two became friends throughout the course of the semester. One night out with a group of friends, PJ asked Kelsey to be his date to the school dance “Fall Ball”. Kelsey was a little caught off guard because no one else was planning to bring a date (something PJ didn’t realize), but she happily agreed to go. The dance was a great time, but the two saw each other as just friends. Through occasional Trachtenberg shindigs during the year, they realized there may be more to their relationship. The rest is history!

Engagement: After 4 wonderful years, PJ and Kelsey were ready to take the next step. Kelsey was planning to visit her family over Memorial Day weekend. While PJ was not initially planning to join, he saw the opportunity to catch her off guard and involve her family in the proposal (something he knew that was important to Kelsey). On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Kelsey’s parents (in on the surprise) suggested PJ and Kelsey go out on a boat ride. While on the boat, PJ asked Kelsey to reach into the glove compartment to get some special extra strength sunscreen in a red bottle. Kelsey thought this was strange, but obliged because she had become accustomed to PJ’s diligent sunscreen application. Kelsey was speechless when instead of sunscreen she pulled out a red ring box. PJ proposed in the middle of the Wilmington River and of course Kelsey said yes! They made their way back to Kelsey’s house where a celebration with family was waiting!

Finding The Dress: I originally went dress shopping with my mom and future mother-in law at Blue Belle Boutique in Savannah, GA. There I fell in love with the Paloma Blanca dress style 4714. I felt so glamorous in the dress and almost bought in on the spot, but decided to sleep on it for a few nights. A few weeks later I had a trip to visit two of my bridesmaids in NYC and thought it would be fun to try the dress on with them one more time before I purchased it (just to be sure it was the one). I knew Kleinfeld carried Paloma Blanca so was excited to visit the home of “Say Yes to the Dress”. My bridal consultant Joel was amazing and made me feel at ease. We tried on 4714 and I still loved it but wanted to try on a few more style while I was there. As we tried on more slim fitting dresses I loved the way they looked but had not had the full bridal moment yet. Toward the end of the appointment I asked Joel to try on a totally different style (aka ballgown) just to be sure I didn’t want a princess dress. Joel brought 5 or so ballgowns into my room and I immediately pointed to style 4661. As soon as I tried it on, I burst into tears and knew it was the one. My bridesmaids did too! I loved how bridal the dress made me feel, but it still have the neckline of style 4714 that I loved. I was so happy with the dress on my wedding day and know I will never regret going for a more traditional classic ballgown.