Meg and Tommy

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Sayville Yacht Club, Blue Point NY


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Meg and Tom met about four years ago, and as cliché as it may sound, they feel that they were always meant to meet. For about 12 years they lived only a few blocks from each other; Meg would jog past Tom’s house everyday, never knowing that the love of her life lived inside. Countless times they both hung out at Cavanaugh’s – a local Irish bar – but never crossed paths, perhaps only a few steps behind. It is often said that people find their soulmates only when they are ready, and Meg and Tom believe they found one another when they were supposed to, when they were both prepared for their relationship. Throughout all the years when they almost met, they were growing into the people that they are now, and the right fit for each other.

So when they finally did meet, they knew it was special right away. Still, their relationship took its time, and was not without bumps in the road; but as the lyrics to their wedding song – “Someone Like You” by Van Morrison – states: “I’ve been travelin’ a hard road lookin’ for someone exactly like you. I’ve been carryin’ my heavy load, waiting for the light to come shining through. Someone like you makes it all worth while. Someone like you keeps me satisfied. Someone exactly like you.”

Eventually they both realized they were meant to be together, and they have been together ever since.