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Brad and I met in high school. We were best friends for 3 years before I noticed just how genuine this guy really was; so I decided to snatch him while I still could. He first asked me to be his girlfriend in the summer leading into our final year in high school. The location was beautiful. He brought me to this marina in Leamington as the sun was starting to set for night. He began by explaining how much I had meant to him and he really did make me the happiest girl that I just had to say yes for being his girlfriend.

Seven years later, we grew stronger and more inseparable. He brought me back to that same location when he first asked me to be his girlfriend, at the same time, and same day. He began by explaining how far we have come and how much he had treasured all the memories we have created this far. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking if he could marry me. I was so surprised that the first things that came out of my mouth was, is this a dream… It felt so surreal. I immediately gave my head a shake and said yes!!!!

The wedding planning was so much fun and he wanted to be involved as much as he could (which really helped), all but one thing; the dress. Out on a whim, we passed by Petrov Bridal in London Ontario and with no appointment we went on just to look around. The team at Petrov is phenomenal! They were pulling dresses from left and right, trying to figure out the right style for me. It was my mom actually, who found the dress that I wore on my wedding day. As soon as I put it on and saw myself in the mirror, it was love at first sight. It was all that I have ever dreamed of! The lace, the fit, the back, the belt, everything!!! It was comfortable and elegant! So thank you for making my dream dress! It really is so beautiful and I still get compliments to this day about it.