Faye and Matt

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Matt and I met two years ago when he picked me up for our first date after chatting via text messages for a couple days. One year later exactly, he proposed to me in the very place we had our first date. It was perfect.

Our wedding day was nothing but perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather on a late October day. We were married on top of a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River where Matt and I spend many of our summer days fishing together. As the ceremony started, the sun started shining through the overcast skies, warming us and our guests. It was the most magical day ever. The reception was so much fun, dancing and chatting with all of our guests. Matt and I ended our night just staying up for a while after the wedding, talking and reminiscing about our wonderful and most perfect day.

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Cassville, WI

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