Abby and Rick

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Rick and Abby met at work, a small Boston advertising agency where Abby still works, over 6 years ago. They initially bonded over a unique notebook that Abby had been trying to get her hands on for some time. She noticed that Rick had one and asked where he got it. Later that night, after most people had left the office, he went into the CEO’s office where he knew there was a stash of these colorful notebooks. He took one and left it on Abby’s desk with a post-it note for her to find in the morning.

Fast forward 5 years and Rick proposed to Abby on a rainy Saturday in their home, with the same notebook. He’d filled it with photos and stories of their relationship and journey and at the very end asked Abby to marry him! The couple then gave the notebook to their wedding officiant to use on their wedding day. He wrote out the ceremony in the notebook and Abby and Rick wrote their vows in it as well. It’s a small, but cherished piece of their love story.

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