Alesha and Kyle

Couple’s Wedding Story:

How We Met:
Kyle and I met at the nudging of a mutual friend. We had heard of each other before, but never seemed to connect. Just weeks before our friend was moving away, she insisted on making the connection happen. We both knew right away that this was something different, and just 14 months later, we were engaged!

Dress Shopping:
I had nightmares about dress shopping. It was one of the most stress-inducing parts of wedding planning for me. I knew I wanted to look a certain way, but I couldn’t quite describe what it was at the time. I kept having dreams that I wouldn’t like anything on, that no one (me, especially) would think I looked like a beautiful bride, etc. My first dress shopping day, I went to the two most well-known, larger bridal stores in my area. While I tried on many pretty dresses, I just couldn’t seem to commit to anything, and left more confused that I’d started. I then remembered going with my now-sister-in-law to get her dress at a small boutique, and figured I’d try my hand there. Walking into Marah’s Elegant Bridal, it was much cozier, and much less overwhelming. I got to work with the owner, Marah, who was a gem. I told her a little bit about what I was thinking, and she pointed out the Mikaella 2016 style that was on a mannequin and asked if I liked it. I replied that it was beautiful, but that my body wouldn’t be able to pull that cut off. She looked at me and very knowingly just said “let’s give it a try,” and began pulling it off the mannequin. I tried on another dress that was very pretty first, and Marah said that it looked great on me, but that she didn’t think that was it. That’s when I knew I could trust her opinion and styling – it wasn’t about a sale for her, it was about getting me in the right dress. I put on the Mikaella 2016 next, and knew in my heart that it was the right one. I felt timeless, elegant, sophisticated – and yet still sexy and modern. All the words I had been trying to describe before came out so easily once it was on. I loved that the dress was beautiful and light and comfortable, and that when you looked at it, you looked at me first rather than an over-worked dress. It was perfection. I never had any regrets for the full year between buying my dress and my wedding day.

Our Wedding:
Our wedding day was perfect and went exactly to plan. Just like most other brides, I remember it as the most beautiful, love-filled, joyful day. One of my favorite parts of the day was I arranged for our ushers to shoot off confetti cannons during our first kiss. Months earlier, my then-fiance had lamented that we weren’t going to give things for our guests to throw (rice, dried flowers, etc.) as we recessed down the aisle. He always liked how those pictures looked, and always thought it added a fun element to the day. I, on the other hand, did not want to deal with the logistics of putting together 200 little paper cups full of dried flowers. A couple of weeks before the wedding, I had the idea to do confetti cannons. My now-husband absolutely loves surprises, so I decided to keep it a secret from everyone except the ushers, who would execute shooting them off at just the right time, our photographer and videographer, and of course, my Maid of Honor. When we kissed for the first time as husband and wife and the confetti cannons went off, it was pure magic. My husband was absolutely stunned and excited, besides getting some confetti in his mouth. The pictures from it are some of our favorite because there is just pure unbridled joy on mine and my MOH’s faces, and pure surprise on my husband’s.

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Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

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