Jenae and Tirrell

Couple’s Wedding Story:

We met at an Ugly Christmas Sweater party in Brooklyn, after being introduced by our mutual friend. After the initial meeting, we’d see each other out at parties or group events but it wasn’t until some months passed that we’d begin dating. Right about when we started our relationship, Jenae moved to Baltimore to start a new job, and we were immediately tested with the distance of 180 miles. This didn’t stop Tirrell from courting Jenae, as he would journey down the New Jersey Turnpike every other weekend to see her. And when he wasn’t traveling down the Turnpike, you could find Jenae traveling up! Despite living in two different cities, we made the commitment to see each other EVERY weekend.

The holiday season was approaching and Christmas is one of Jenae’s favorite times of the year. Christmas is largely celebrated in the Stone Family, so Jenae invited Tirrell’s Mom, Sister and Niece to Baltimore to share in the festivities! One of the Stone Family holiday traditions is to have a game night a couple nights before Christmas so we thought what better way to commemorate the anniversary of us meeting than to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Game Night?! Jenae got occupied with planning the perfect game night with Snapchat filters and party platters, she had no idea that what Tirrell was planning would steal the show! On the night of the party we started the games off by playing Cards Against Humanity. The premise of the game is for the player up to read a question off of a black card and then those playing would turn in one of their previously dealt white cards. The object of each hand is to get your white card chosen as the funniest or best answer to the question. After getting through some pretty hilarious (and uncomfortable to read in front of Tirrell’s mother) cards, Jenae would find Tirrell’s card last. A perfectly, custom-made card with Tirrell’s proposal printed on it! With Jenae all too shy and shocked to read the card aloud, Tirrell recited the proposal and dropped down on one knee in front of our closest friends and family!

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