Lauren and Cade

Couple’s Wedding Story:

For those of you who do not know our story, let me refresh your memory.
Cade and I met in the Fall of 2005, little freshman in high school without learners permits. We became friends often hanging out in the same friend groups, going to the same parties. It wasn’t until summer before senior year 2008 we went to Roswell Presbyterian’s Camp Rutledge where our relationship turned from friendship to something special. We began dating and by the time graduation hit, we had decided to continue a long distance relationship in college.

We both wanted to respect each other’s desires of following our own paths of me attending Auburn University, and he wanting to play football at Georgia State University. Luckily, both schools are located on I-85 with a short 100 miles and 1 time zone apart. We made it work thankfully, even with our separate friend groups who welcomed each of us on our flip-flopping weekend visits.

Finally 4 long years later he finished football, we both graduated, and started our careers. Many of you have been waiting for this engagement a long time, but we are on our own timeline. We’ve spent the last 4 years adapting to “adulting” and figuring out life. Cade bought a home in 2016 located in Sandy Springs for the both of us to live in after the vows have been exchanged.

We wouldn’t be the couple we are today without the village of family and friends who keep us in a good environment, accountable, raising us to be the people we are today.

When I made the decision that I was going to ask Lauren to marry me, I had two questions in my mind. They were “where” and “how”. Since I didn’t end up proposing until July, and I bought the ring in April, it clearly took me a while to come up with the answers to those two questions…

The “Where”
After a lot of thought and a few failed ideas, I finally came to the realization that I was overthinking it. I knew who Lauren and I were as a couple. We were, and are, wholesome, intimate, and above all, Roswell Natives. These attributes considered, I knew that the “Where” had to be somewhere local to us and our upbringing. The Roswell Square was the perfect choice. Especially since it is located across the street from her hair salon. This is an important detail we will circle back to.

The “How”
Next came the “How?”. This is where I got to let my creative juices flow, and figure out a very special and personal way to ask. I did just that by creating a book containing all of Lauren and mine firsts memorable moments. (ie. First time we met, First kiss, First vacation, etc). My plan was to use this book as an integral part of the proposal. It was going to be reminder of the last 8+ years of our lives together. It would set the stage for another first…

The week before the proposal I plotted with Lauren’s hair dresser to get Lauren dressed up and wearing makeup, as she had a hair appointment the morning of the proposal. Normally she would walk in looking like she just finished watching a One Tree Hill marathon; in sweats and ungroomed… Francesca, her hair stylist, told her the salon wanted to take some pictures for their social media. This was believable, as it is not an uncommon request. Luckily, she bought it and complied. She walked into the salon that Saturday morning dressed to impress.

The Lead-Up
I was so nervous the night before. I couldn’t sleep, and I tossed and turned all night. I felt nauseous and started to feel a little bit sick.

I was supposed workout the morning of the proposal. I thought it would help calm the nerves make me feel relaxed. Instead, I was forced to stop by CVS to pick up some Nausea Medicine and Saltines, as my stomach was nervous to say the least. I then proceeded to my parents’ house where I took a brief nap (in an effort to feel better), got dressed, and rose to an even higher level of nervousness about the upcoming task. Many people have asked me since the proposal why I felt so nervous. They told me that there was no way she would ever say no. To which I agree, but the nervousness stemmed from wanting to do something that was so outside of my mild temperament and personality. I wanted to do this amazing “thing”. A once in a life time “thing” that I would not get a second chance at. It was a “Go Big or Go Home” type of moment. But most importantly, it was a moment that I wanted Lauren to cherish for the rest of our lives.

The Execution
With me was my mom, the book, and the ring.

My mom was tasked with being my driver and photographer. We arrived at the square about 45 minutes before Lauren would be done with her appointment. While we waited in the car, we blasted the A/C to a level that could only be described as arctic. When the time came for me to exit the car and go sit on the Gazebo to wait for Lauren, I was nice and cold and would be sweat free for the next hour.

The day before the proposal I left a piece of wood with the ladies at the salon. They were instructed to hand it to Lauren when she checked out. On the piece of wood was a note that read, “Meet me at the gazebo across the street for a special present”. Original, I know…

When I saw Lauren walk out of the salon, the nervousness immediately disappeared. The smile on her face, was that of someone who was starting to figure something out. She literally jaywalked across the street and rushed over to where I was sitting on the steps of the gazebo.

With me was the book, and the ring.

I told her to sit down next me. Then gave her the book which was wrapped. When we finally managed to unwrapped it, she opened the cover and began to read. As she progressed through the book, she gradually began flipping the pages faster and faster. She clearly knew something would be coming after the book ended… When she flipped to the last page, I stood up.

With me was just the ring.

As she sat there looking up at me, the smile on her face was of happiness and shock. I took a knee and asked her to marry me. To which there may have been a slight delay in reaction due to shock, but she said, “Of Course!”

With me was my future wife.

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