Joanne and Brodie

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Ours is a classic story of two friends having feelings but never telling the other. It postponed our love story for almost 10 years.

We first met in 2007, we were both competitive curlers playing on the Ontario Junior tour. He was the hot-shot guy that everyone know, and all the girls flirted with. I was this quiet, awkward girl. We first talked when I was icing a knee I had just injured and had to be removed from the game. I was in awe this cute guy was talking to me, he was able to put a smile on my face in the middle of a painful, disappointing moment. We ended up at the same college and became close friends. We spent a lot of time together and feeling eventually develop, unfortunately we were both too shy to tell the other. After college our lives carried us in different directions (I continued my schooling, he went to Australia, then moved halfway across the country when he came back) but we always remained in touch. Fast forward to early 2018 and life brought us back together again and we decided to go out for a drink, funny how fast those feelings can come flying back

Having known each other for so long, and knowing our families it was the easiest decision to jump in feet first. We were engaged a year into dating and married at the end of 2020.

Having our wedding kept us sane this past year, gave us something to look forward to!

We are beyond lucky that our lives came back together, we were best friends first and that has made all the difference.

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Bellamere, London, Canada

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Harris Flower Farm

Reception Venue

Bellamere Winery

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